Friday, October 10, 2008

........was here

Evidence of the passing of a familiar ghost. In Cape Town the wind is our summer signature and there are hints of it's immanent arrival everywhere.

Have a quiet one.


Julie said...

We are coming into summer too. Ours are usually fairly still and the heat is dry. A beautiful picture.

HB said...

Thank you Julie.

Estelle said...

Wow, yes that is a beaut pic!
Although the wind signals summer, I hope it's not gusty!

HB said...

Hi Estelle I've missed you - nice to have you back. I'm afraid the wind in CPT is not only gusty but gutsy too!

Estelle said...

Yeah, sorry I've been awol.
Mind's in a dwaal most days!
You obviously sent some of the gusty, gutsy (love that!) wind our way - we have had some rough times in Jozi - albeit later than expected. Now we would really appreciate some of your rain (-: