Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sweets nothings

Talking about birthdays, it was my daughters eight. (Note I'm still avoiding my garden - it drowned) I thought I'd show you the cake.

But wait! There's more!... Inside the dolphin buried in the 3 layers are sweets in the shapes of crabs, shells, fish and starfish. So you get to see what he had for breakfast in your slice of cake!

I'm no baker, but decorate I can. So every birthday I 'build' the cake.
The production - you have to understand - is a big thing, with mom always keeping something a surprise for the day (or trying too) The water was made of jelly and added at the last minute.


nicolette said...

Happy birthday to your 8 year old!! I’ve never seen a more gorgeous birthday cake! WOW! Looooove it!

kat said...

Wow, quite a feat and I love that you buried surprise sweets inside. Lucky kid : )

Estelle said...

Decorate you can, indeed!
Love the idea of seeing what he ate.
Makes me miss being a child with all these surprises our moms planned for us!

HB said...

You're all so nice! I think the result was more fun "conceptually" than looks wise - but in my defense the kids were hooked.

Freshly Found said...

What a great idea for a lucky girl! Eating the cake is sometimes bit boring for kids, but you made it a winner!