Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rested and revitalised

I'm back and for a week I managed to just about escape the wettest winter here in 52 years. We went on our first family camping trip and what an adventure it was. Starting with 3 days at Tietiesbaai on the West Coast and ending further up the coast at Vensterklip just outside Elandsbaai. Two totally different experiences but the one thing that really struck me, was how being exposed to mother nature just makes you feel so much more in touch and vunerable at the same time. The only time the children stopped running, climbing and rolling down sand dunes was for food and sleep - what a joy and rare privilage!

Tietiesbaai ~ where you can camp all along the coast in many different spots some with amenities and some with none. Apparently it gets a bit crowded in the crayfish season.


nicolette said...

I’m stunned by the beauty of your picture. I always feel drawn to landscapes with water. What is that telling about me...LOL? Maybe it’s y sign of the Zodiac?

Thanks for your visit. You can take the walk whenever you like. I love tussled hair!

HB said...

Thanks for your comments nicolette, I always enjoy my visits to your blog.