Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Things That Cheer Me Up

Friends, flowers
Friends that leave flowers

I arrived this morning to a vase dripping purple seringa tears, smelling like musky jasmine and a heartfelt note ~ Thank you

A good blog
Heather Moore from SkinnyLaMinx gave a talk at the AAA School of Advertising (were I lecture). Much to my delight, she's been a favorite of mine and
an inspiration from day one.

Throw in a beautiful bag or two
I visited the Organics Fair at the CTICC and walked away with this beauty from Veldt and inside lives my SkinnyLaMinx purse! Another gift.

And wrap it up with a beautiful pic


Freshly Found said...

Aah! It's good to be cheered up in so many ways!
I remember chatting to you a while ago about my daughter's study options. Just to let you know, she has been accepted at Vega in Durban. [If there was a AAA here, that might have been an option!]

HB said...

Hi Denise
Thanks for letting me know about your daughter, I wish her all the best and may she enjoy!