Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pimp My Chair

Quite by chance while looking for the kind of chair I'd ideally like for the job (budget might dictate otherwise). I came across not only 'the chair' but this great d.i.y. tutorial post of how to achieve my aim. Two birds in one stone, thank you Poetic Home. I've decided this is what I'd like to do with my Shine Shine fabric that I bought and the Threadcount pop-up shop. (I'm always over ambitious but you have to admit it would make a seriously funky addition to my space and now I have instructions and a good visual example)

Inspired by the posts before & after shot I've taken the liberty of cutting & pasting the shine shine fabric on their beautiful shot for inspiration - being better at photoshop than at upholstering. (I sincerely hope I've not caused offense)

Saltriver second hand shops here I come!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Time For Everything

Happiness and a new potplant

Every morning I sit on my deck and soak up my garden. Saterday was no different, except that it was a perfect sunny winters morning and I had nowhere to go, so I did a bit of stocktaking.

Whilst my lettuces are going to seed
and the chives are floppy
The coriander is making a last stand
but the English Basil is past it's best
My Thyme and Origanum are maintaining nicely,

the rocket is still rocketing,
and my little tomatoes are growing up a storm.

The bulbs I planted are pushing through,

My Butterfly bushes are slowly saying good buy

but the Ribbon bush is coming out in full swing
and next to my lovely constant lavender

it makes for a beautiful sight.

The fynbos beds are a mixed success

I'm losing my King Protea (again)

But the red Leukadendums are blazing away.
and the Confetti bushes are looking lush and green

I can't wait for the show

The Restios are bouncing back after a radical trim (a little misunderstanding)

The White wild dagga is about to burst at a heady 5 feet

The Rosemary bushes are filling the nasty gaps quite nicely
and I'm waiting for the Agapanthus too join the blue party

The Perennial Basil is making up for it's English cousin

and my little Bay tree is now taller than me.

The Pelargoniums need cutting back

whilst the daisies need to be replaced with new cuttings

the Sweetpeas have come up
and last but not least the grass is finally
actually looking like a lawn
and is actually greener on my side!

My dog is doing his morning rounds

and my cats are curled up in the sunny spots.

All is as is should be
and not a bad mornings work if you ask me.