Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Perfect patch

Stopping in the small town of Paternoster I discovered this tiny little shop of gems.

Filled to the top with gorgeous quilts made by Darlene, Sharon and Nadia it really is a visual feast. My mom has always loved patchwork quilts and I've been following Nicolettes quilting journeys through her blog devliegendekoe avidly so I thought I'd show you the treasures being created on the West Coast.

This quilt showing the 'pixalated' (work was clearly still with me) map of the bay of Paternoster and the surrounding village was my very favourite.

The sky is made up of a cloud print and if you take a closer look you can see the typical West Coast fishermans cottage with it's chimney standing in a wild flower surround. You can order a quilt or even commission one.


nicolette said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures!

I love to see the patched coast quilts as I adore coast colours!

Thanks for the link to my blog!

Freshly Found said...

What an inspiring place to visit! I love the way the little cottages are included in the pattern of the quilt!

kat said...

The pixel quilt is great. Looks like you had a lovely trip.