Monday, July 28, 2008

New Arrivals.

Allsorts (the kitten) meets Sandy (the Wookiee) who is actually Chewbacca reincarnated

The status quo in my garden is about to change... for all living things!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Between a rock & a hard place

A friend of mine who hails from the Karoo, has like me, an obsession with rocks. Her garden reflects this curiosity and passion beautifully.

Not surprisingly this goes hand in hand with a passion for the fauna and flora of this vast area.
The 'Sabi Star' or 'Impala Lily'
When you look at these you can understand why.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Herbs, Worms, Sunnyskies & Breakfast (and not necessarily in that order)

don't these just look fabulous?!

I paid a visit to the Waldorf School organic market just outside Stellenbosch this weekend. We got there a bit late but still in time to buy the first of my herbs for restocking.

I bought thyme. But I spent a heavenly few minutes just rubbing leaves and inhaling the devine fragrances! Heaven.

Much to my delight the 'herb man' also does worm bins! So the investigation continues and I will keep you updated...

Friday, July 18, 2008

It's not what you know but who!

I'm only now catching up with all my e-mails. I'm the happy recipient of Gardening in South Africa's newsletter written by Darlene. For a haphazard gardener like me it's very comforting to know that there is someone out there still keeping track of the seasons and what should grow where.
"lemon butter wouldn't melt in my mouth" Darlene's kitty.
Always jam packed with useful info and tips it has great plant pics too (see the cherries). But my favourite tip by far in this edition is lemon peel as a cat detterrent in your pots. My feline friends have completely misplaced their toilet manners in this wet weather and as you can imagine something has gotta give! For more on this tip go here.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Silver Lining!

I got home dripping but to the warmest welcome one could hope for - a parcel! And not only that but my PIF from Kat at Anything Goes.
Isn't it gorgeous? and yes it's as warm as it looks. Thank you Kat, The scarf is awesome and I feel very privilaged.

My PIF's will be winging their ways to Canada, Durban and Cape Town soon! Keep a look out.

Weather for Ducks

I've been away for what seems to be a life time. Some of it because of computer gremlins but happily also the winter holidays - which not surprisingly started and ended the same way...WET.

For all the water we've had some great times. First up to the West Coast and then the Citrusdal area. One of the best treats when you get to Lambertsbaai is a meal and the at the Muisbosskerm. Find out more here. An open air restaurant that specialises in local seafood and homemade breads, jams and coffee on the fire. Everything is baked, grilled and simmered out in the open, under your nose and right on the beach and it is truly a 'wow' experience - even in the rain.

After that; this was the brightest thing I saw on my walks.

On to Citrusdal and the mountains, where the rain just kept on coming.

This road collapsed the night we left (this picture was frontpage news of Die Burger). Close call!

And back to Cape Town - more of the same. This is the Rietvlei, a bird sanctuary across the road from me. Note the windsock for the local model plane enthusiasts:)