Wednesday, May 7, 2008


It's finally arrived in all it's beautiful muted stormy colours. In Cape Town the North Wester brings rain and storms and gardens become soggy bogs but...

there is always an upside and in this case it means time spent indoors, soups, stews, puzzelling and planning. This is a sketch I did over the weekend. I know it's an alien invader but I love the soft green and delicate pods.

Read more about the Eucalypts and Myrtles here.

The other upside is that our indigenous plants thrive, streams throw themselves of Table mountain with abandon in tall waterfalls everywhere and the Cape is at it's most beautiful.


Jesse said...

That's a beautiful drawing!

Freshly Found said...

How lovely to see Table Mountain from your side of the bay in it's wintery dress. When we were there, my husband took me to your side of the world to see that very view, but the mist was so thick that day we could hardly see the shore line close to us!
Love your drawing too!