Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Dead Plant Society

Have you noticed how I've been avoiding my own garden. I've been doing a body count again after some summer planting.

Want to join the club? Membership to this elite society is only awarded postumously. Another criteria is that you had to have spent your entire life in one place.
The Membership role sofar:
The Silver trees
Butterfly bushes
The Rose geranium
A Lemon Verbena
And then there's the unwashed masses that get given paupers burials in unmarked graves. Sometimes being a plant in my garden is a thankless exsistence.


kat said...

Last weekend we washed EVERY SINGLE LEAF of our Lemon Verbena with a kitchen sponge and dishwashing liquid solution in an attempt to save the poor darling. RIP an entire bed of Plectanthrus. I feel your pain : )

HB said...

Kat, What does the liquid do or not do, depending on your life saving skills?

kat said...

So far has destroyed the colony of aphids cavorting under each leaf but will let you know if it stays that way! Some say the dishwash liquid makes any anti aphid spray stick to the plant but we try to avoid poison. I am not a gardener so any attempt I make to do good is worth mentioning : )

HB said...

Like wise - but I've had mixed results with the dishwashing liquid thing.

Jesse said...

I can't possibly list all the plants I've killed.... rosemary, lavender, nutmeg geranium, and countless supposedly invincible succulents are the ones I can think of right now.

HB said...

I know, with plants like with toys - there is no such thing as indistructable or invincible!

Maggie said...

I recently discovered, by walking around in a local nursery, that I have been "weeding" white phlox and shasta daisies for years!

HB said...

Hullo there Maggie and a warm welcome.I have to say I wouldn't know a shasta daisy if it bit me on the nose.