Friday, May 23, 2008

Empty Vessels

A few weeks ago Gardening in South Africa had an article on "Getting creative with containers", something I've always battled with. Don't misunderstand, I have many, what I don't have is much in them and no real idea where to start.

So I've decided to follow Julie Andrews sound advice (excuse the pun) and start at the very beginning - the pots themselves. Here are a few examples.

Step 2: And now to address the space inside?! maybe some bulbs or winter herbs or even the odd ball?


maggie said...

You are such a wonderful photographer, you can even make a stack of empty pots look good! Anyway, where I live we have to dig up bulbs before the winter. I plant the bulbs in pots and bury the pots in the garden so its easy to find the bulbs and to remove them when they start getting ugly after the peak flowering. That way my daffodils get to die in peace in a hidden corner and I can plant my summer stuff.

HB said...

Hi maggie, thanks - do you know I've never planted a bulb from 'bulb stage' but your solution sounds like a very practical one - I might just try it.