Thursday, March 6, 2008

Kathryn asked me to show some pics of my roses in pots with the pennyroyal. So, here they are. Looking rather bare and spindly. (which is why I avoided them before)

In everyone's defence here (that is, mainly mine) they take a beating in summer with the sun and salt laden south easter and I've probably not been feeding them enough either.
No roses (small detail) - but no aphids either, which is a first (considering I haven't sprayed since I planted the Pennyroyal). And I see there are lots of new leaves. I have also been wondering wether they need bigger pots. They have been in these for a bit more than two years. My usual best performer is the Papa Meiland but it is also the most sheltered of the five:
Royal Zulu
Queen Elizabeth
Papa Meiland
Julia's Rose
Dainty Bess

On a happier note, this is what they bring to my table before being roughed-up by me and the weather. The only one missing is Dainty Bess.


kjohnson said...

Thank you for taking the time to show the whole container. As gardeners, we understand roses in late summer. Do yours produce a last flush before winter? Again, I am not experienced growing roses in containers but I wonder if vigor is more a result of soil quality more than size of container. Perhaps you could change the soil when the plants go dormant (do they go dormant in your area),and prune them hard when they start to break.

BTW I LOVE the containers!

HB said...

I do have a last flush and I usually prune in August. Allthough I'm still pretty insecure about my pruning skills. I don't have a long dormant period at all, but I could change the soil. Is feeding not enough?
Thanks for taking the time to chat. As a Visually driven person I find my roses quite stressfull at the moment.

Freshly Found said...

We've given up on roses here in our sub tropical climate - although there are some great rose collections locally - but I think it takes a lot of upkeep!
Taking a drive up your way recetly made me realise what harsh conditions you have to deal with and marvel at how well you do!

HB said...

Denise, you do know how to make a girls day.

kat said...

I'm sold. Putting Penny Royal on the list for purchase at the nursery asap. Do you think it'll work if I plant it at the base of a (potted) lemon tree? Poor (young) tree being hammered by aphid type thingies!