Tuesday, March 11, 2008

It's not what you know but who...

This guy caused quite a stir and intrigued me, so I wrote to Lambert at Lambert Smith's Insecta and he very kindly sent this info back.

This appears to be a White-spotted Fruit Chafer (scientific name:
Mausoleopsis amabilis). They are drawn to flowers and also eat plant sap and over ripe fruit. They normally breed in the general proximity of horses as their larvae develop in horse dung.
Which makes perfect sense as I live near stables.

Thank you Lambert


Heather Moore said...

So pleased you're also reading the Kingsolver book! I can feel it changing the way I eat already. I've somehow just lost heart when it comes to junk, and certainly think twice when buying veggies. I've started ordering from the Ethical Co-op too. They have a website you can order from, which is brill.

kjohnson said...

the symbiotic relationship between plants, insects, and animals continually amazes me. Thanks for the info.