Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Succulent indeed

I have to gloat a bit.
I've got a new camera, I've got a new camera...Nah,nah,na,nah,na.

This last weekend I had the perfect opportunity to test it out as we we're invited to Sanbona Wildlife Reserve just outside Montagu. Typical Little Karoo in climate and veld, it boasts lions, elephants and rhinos to name but a few. The Lodges have been surrounded by rockeries and succulents and once again the variety of our indiginous species is amazing. I don't know the names of them all but I had a closer look through my lens. They roar and prance in their own quite way. Enjoy.


kjohnson said...

Heloise, Hello,

There is nothing quiet about these photos - they scream form, function, color, and beauty. Congrats on the new camera - great quality in your shots.

Here in the Eastern US, we are sodden in unstopping rain, not unusual for this time of year. We want to "get at it" in the garden but must wait a few more weeks.

Please continue to keep us posted about your corner of the world.

Julie said...

Beautiful photos of succulents from a place I hope to one day visit!!! I pray, anyway!!! I am in south Florida.
Congrats on your new camera!

HB said...

Hullo and thanks for your comments - I've just realised that I had a really bad spelling day yesterday, oops.Our rainy season is about to arrive so I'm soaking up every morsel of sun I can.

Heather Moore said...

What amazing photos! Congrats on the lovely new camera.

HB said...

Thanks Heather

Freshly Found said...

WOW!! You sure do justice to your camera! What a celebration!

Heather Moore said...

Three weeks away! You lucky thing.

I love your photos and wish I could take such beauties. What's your secret? You give lessons?