Monday, July 14, 2008

The Silver Lining!

I got home dripping but to the warmest welcome one could hope for - a parcel! And not only that but my PIF from Kat at Anything Goes.
Isn't it gorgeous? and yes it's as warm as it looks. Thank you Kat, The scarf is awesome and I feel very privilaged.

My PIF's will be winging their ways to Canada, Durban and Cape Town soon! Keep a look out.


kat said...

Helouise! Welcome back. I'm very pleased your scarf arrived safely. I thought a scarf was pretty benign (I wouldn't usually feel comfortable giving someone something to wear unless I know them well) but hope you find some use/pass it on to someone! Thanks for your lovely comments.

HB said...

Hey it's mine and I love it, make peace with it will ya.

kat said...

ha ha. ok.

nicolette said...

Lovely present... and thanks so much for your wonderful comment on my blog!