Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Herbs, Worms, Sunnyskies & Breakfast (and not necessarily in that order)

don't these just look fabulous?!

I paid a visit to the Waldorf School organic market just outside Stellenbosch this weekend. We got there a bit late but still in time to buy the first of my herbs for restocking.

I bought thyme. But I spent a heavenly few minutes just rubbing leaves and inhaling the devine fragrances! Heaven.

Much to my delight the 'herb man' also does worm bins! So the investigation continues and I will keep you updated...


nicolette said...

Is it really bread in the first picture? Plaasbrood? We call it plaatbrood.

Don’t yuou love the smell of herbs?
I grow some herbs in a pot and I love to rubbing the leaves!

Freshly Found said...

Mmm I can smell the fresh bread and the herbs!

HB said...

Hi Nicolette - these are ciabatta style breads and as far as I know baked in a wood or coal fired hand built oven. YUM. How do you make plaatbrood? it sure sounds good.

Heather Moore said...

Worms! I've got to get some of those!