Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Phycic Fishing Rod

There truly is such a thing. (It simply means that the person or topic of conversation or thought is bound to appear as you speak.) And so it was this morning.

After yesterdays gift from Denise, I decided that I wanted to pass "Be The Blog" on to Heather Moore from SkinnyLaMinx.

So just before I started to put this post together I popped into FreshlyFound, SkinnyLaminx & Jezzeblog as usual for my morning fix. Low and behold, Jezze (no slouch herself) has written the best piece, pictures and all about Heather and how inspirational she and her work are. Have a look here!

Heathers work is often inspired by nature and unbeknownst to her she was an inspiration even before I started my blog. And she really has given me loads of support. Thank You. A constant source of fresh & original illustrations, ideas and designs her blog is a must follow. Heather has recently also become Elle Decoration SA's blogger. What a feather in her cap and well deserved. This girls output would put most of us to shame! You go girl.


Heather Moore said...

Wow, everyone's being so nice to me! Thanks so much for this, Heloise! And seeing as we live in the same city (and I know lots of your colleagues at AAA), we should meet up one of these days for a cup of tea. Keen?

Heloise Bottomley said...

I would love to. I actually made it to the Neighbourgoods market on Saturday! But you weren't there.