Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I love bugs, I hate bugs

I love bugs. I always have. They are often really beautiful ~ in a weird StarWars way. They have amazing colours and shapes. They have six arms/legs to do more things with ~ every mothers dream. Then there's the whole Girl Power thing, Hannibal Lector has nothing on some of these dames. Some of them can even multiply without doing the dirty, now that is weird and not neccesarily desirable.

I really only have one complaint. I've never met a skinny anorexic Kate Moss version. DO THEY HAVE TO EAT AND THEN SO MUCH?! I really hate that.

What got me going in the first place? This great article by Lambert Smith from Insecta on the little suckers to your left. I found it on Gardening in South Africa. But methinks I'm one step ahead. This weekend after burying the bananas I planted Pennyroyal under my roses. Apparently ants don't like it. So their aphid herding days are numbered!


Freshly Found said...

Hey Heloise!

Will you please send me your postal address, so that I can forward your PIF gift to you! It might still take a while. I am busy thinking!

Estelle said...

Bugs - I neither like them nor dislike them. But ants ... well, that's a different story. I live in Gauteng and we have had plagues of them on and off this year. I have tried every GREEN solution in the book ...
The worst is that the ants love my bedroom, and specifically my bed. NO - I do not eat in bed (-:
I have used lavender oil everywhere; including the feet of the bed.
It is so distressing to be woken in the night with a creep-crawly feeling. Last night I discovered that they had taken over the one continental pillow, so that was abandoned to another room.
Have a delicious day!

Heloise Bottomley said...

Maybe they're after your washing powder! I can't see pennyroyal working there either, sorry.