Wednesday, March 6, 2013

So Much!

The 1st of March arrived sans the warm-up of the 29th and 30th did the Design Indaba, The 'Blogging Your Way' online course I enrolled in, the school camp-out, and the soon to happen launch of some of my work at 'I Love My Laundry'.

All good - she says quietly in full panic mode :)

6 days later - and the last is still in full swing, but I'm gaining ground.

I now own 3 absolutely gorgeous paper proteas from Denise and her daughter at Freshlyfound - which I bought at the Design Indaba Expo. (See more about their making here.)

I am sooo inspired by the speakers at the Indaba my head is exploding with ideas, roll-on 'Blogging Your Way'. Thanks to Holly and her team I am now on twitter, have an 'avatar'...hullo! (I still have to learn what to do with all this) but that's the point.

AND completely unlike me, I actually have finished my goodies for follow 'I love My Laundry' on twitter but that's a story for the auspicious date of 13th March when I'll be there with Henriette from tjou-tjou.

pic by' itswhatiminto'
If things go my way this will also be my first tweet soon :)))))

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freshly found said...

How lovely to see you at The Indaba♥ I just love how your photographs have made the Freshly Found Proteas look so good! What an exciting time for you at the moment! I wish i had popped into I♥my laundry while I was in CT. All the best with the pile of things on your plate!
PZ I'll definitely be following you on Twitter!