Sunday, March 24, 2013

All Picture No Sound...yet

MIG Moodboard

So this is the other thing I've been occupying my time with!
Part of my homework for The Blogging Your Way Course - I'm planning a more interesting but no less imperfect future and you're invited :)

Oops! I just realised I forgot to add this...
Some of the images I used I've collected on pinterest.

The seagull: Marc Johns
Water colour bird illustr: Matt Sewell
Beans: Peter at
White ink on brown paper by: Oh! Deer Julie
Oh! and last but not least the cup: Annette Oberwelland
Stiched labels and pressed flowers: found via


Emily said...

I love your mood board. I just spotted it in the Forum and it really stood out. Beautiful.
I look forward to seeing your blog develop!
Emily x {fellow blog blos student}

Heloise said...

Thank you Emily! Welcome to my little online haven. I'm loving all this learning :)

anknel and burblets said...

It's gorgeous Heloise! I noticed your mood board earlier - and now I put two and two together. Hello and great to meet you x

Heloise said...

Thank you and pleased to meet you as well! I'm really flattered by the positive feedback I'm getting :)

Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

Hello! I'm visiting from BYW: Blog Boss for the first time and your site is lovely! I look forward to coming back. Love your moodboard!

Heloise said...

Hi Marilyn! Thank you, and a very warm welome to my world :)

freshly found said...

Love your mood board! Wow!

Heloise said...

tks Denise :)