Sunday, August 7, 2011

This Is A Poncho - I Promise

It's a long story but I think I'll start at the beginning - again. 
I'm trying to make this really cool poncho/shawl design from tjou-tjou. Perfect for keeping me warm at my desk when I'm working. My crochet master, 'Joda Henriette' has been very diplomatic about my progress and very complimentary about my colour choice. But on friday it became clear that the fit was maybe not perfect and 'Joda' in a wise voice suggested 'start at beginning end at end good for journey' or something much more practical like pulling it all out...imagine that. 
So I didn't until I added another 15cm (onto the previous 20cm) - and then I did. 

You've got to admit it has potential.

(When the student is ready to be wrong it becomes clear that the master was right all along).


Anonymous said...

} ek belowe dit sal pragtig wees. moenie opgee nie. hierdie 'meester' -nie, het ook maar n paar maal uitgetrek voor ek tevrede was :)

Heloise said...

I have to believe you or I couldn't go on master :)