Saturday, August 13, 2011


I recently started my pottery classes again after a looooong 2 year break. I've always found that I enjoy myself if I'm working with a project in mind and so to go with my rustic little hut that is going to go up in Bainskloof one day,

I'm making some of these

Small bowls for small yummy stuff
My old stamp rediscovered
I added this lip detail for either pouring or holding a spoon
inspired by 'cazuela' pots like these from Mexico

and these...

I have to apologise to the maker as I can't seem to find my original link - but they are beautiful

and these from Sister Creek Pottery

Happiness is a good clay session at least once a week - take my word for it :)


tjou-tjou said...

} oooo, lovely-lovely, i'm tweeting about this sommer now ;)

Heloise said...

dankie man!