Monday, January 19, 2009

A Little Interlude

I can't resist.
Crocheting was a hot topic on some of my favorite blogs (freshly found & skinny laminx) last week and I just has to show this off.

Henriette who is a colleague of mine, brought in this beautiful blanket she made for her youngest daughter over the holidays.

I'm in love with the soft powdery combination of buff, the softest of pink and mellow greens and the gently scalloped edging. Need I mention the sweetest little flowers! I think I need to go for lessons.


Freshly Found said...

That makes my little crocheting heart so happy!

kat said...

Gorgeous. I haven't picked up the needle in a while, and I was just getting started. Hope your start to the new year going well.

HB said...

Thanks Kat :)