Friday, January 23, 2009


Gardens are for...educating Heloise

The Humble Carrot has quite a history:

The Greeks called the carrot Philon or Philtron from their word philo that means loving, although the current word we use has it's roots in French.
We can thank the Dutch for our sweet orange carrots ~ developed in the honour of 'The House of Orange'

Some other weird facts:
- Carrots were originally red or purple
- During the reign of James 1 fashionable ladies often wore carrot foliage as decoration on their hats (very weird)
- Carrot stew precedes Viaggra as an aphrodisiac (TeeHee)
- Someone out there is trying to create a 'rainbow' carrot
- and if it were used as a biofuel it would take approximately 6000 carrots to drive one mile

And that's only scratching the surface.
All this and more from the invaluable Carrot Museum

Go on dig up some dirt this weekend you never know what you might find.

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