Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Handmade pots

I went back to my pottery classes this week, a very theraputic creative space indeed. A long time ago I mentioned that I was making a herb pot based on african masks. It has four faces (the mouths being the planting space) and obviously the top from which to grow your herb collection. Well here it is, sans herbs.

I have mixed emotions about it. On the one hand I think it's quite an achievement and on the other, There is none of the somber dark I'm a dead cool spirit representative vibe.

Then Helen who runs a backpackers at Oude Molen (where the studio is), brought in this great pic of her "Queen" hair and all, which I just love. But...

it occured to me then, that my guys might end up looking like they had a bad meal the night before once all the herbs were in place. The better they grew the worse the effect...irony perhaps.


Freshly Found said...

Wow! Where do you get the time to do this all?
Looking forward to seeing the pot with herbs too!

What a beautiful pic.

Jesse said...

The pot is amazing! I think it would look great with herbs trailing from their mouths - not the effect you were going for, maybe, but still awesome.