Monday, January 21, 2008

Black is the new blue.

My technical woes continue. I think that the effects of Eskoms load-shedding are more far reaching than even we believe, and that they have now morphed into a physical airbourne virus. Call me paranoid if you want.

On Saturday even my digital camera came up with a black screen when I tried to switch it on! The thing that really got to me is that we were in the Betty's Bay area and the fynbos is looking absolutely fantastic, and I got to see my first real life disa's but I can't share them! The future looks dark indeed. I'm going to have to find an alternative way of keeping my visual records for a while so hold your minds gone blank.


Jesse said...

Oh no! I hope you manage to find a solution soon - I'll miss your photos.

Freshly Found said...

Ah no! Technical issues just are a pain! Hope things are soon sorted out!