Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The guy next door

Is clearly doing better than me as far as creepers go. This is his honeysuckle seen from my side.

It's a bit early for a retrospective, but going back through my posts since I started, I realised that it all looks so 'perfect'. In real life my garden resembles our beautiful country in many ways. Gorgeous & spectacular in many ways but with large arid areas (which have their own interesting charm).

Certainly popular opinion would have the bad guys out numbering the good ten to one and I wouldn't be anywhere else for the world.
So I've undertaken to fess-up slowly.

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Freshly Found said...

I so enjoy your humour and the refreshing angle you take! Your neighbour's honey suckle and all that hard core stuff with the bugs! You really make me chuckle! -
And your stunning photography gives me so much pleasure!