Monday, October 15, 2007

Being new to blogging I was delighted to discover not one but two responses to my little blog. Both from fellow creatives who use nature as inspiration in their work.

SkinnyLaMinx, who designs the most beautiful things (her etsy shop ) and is Cape Town based,

and a Durban based Home Economist and Interior Redesigner FreshlyFound who amongst other things has came up with this great way of storing wood. I hope you don't me sharing this.


Freshly Found said...

Thanks for the mention and for the note on my blog. I chuckled to read your response! I know how much comments mean to me too.

kjohnson said...

Hi Heloise, Thank you for the pictures of your "ocean view". My jaw dropped when I saw those magnificent pictures. I now can integrate the juxtiposition of the landscape into your garden photos. I too live near the ocean (only six months out of the year because we have no heat, nor transportation to get to our barrier island.) I am going to do a blog on our ocean view - it is so incredibly different from yours. I can't wait to see more of your pictures. By the way, check out an american photographer, David Perry, who has a garden blog with outrageously beautiful pictures. You can get to his garden blog through his professional website (I think). His garden is in the pacific north west - again, altogether different.