Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shame On Us

Blouberg Beach Cleanup on facebook

This photo was taken yesterday...15 July...it needs to be cleaned up...Please hit share here so people can see what is landing up on our beaches and join a cleanup somewhere
Mandela Day cleanup 18 July - Wednesday - 09:30 at lagoon beach


Jesse said...

Wow... that is just shocking.

Heloise said...

Isn't it :(

Keri Muller said...

OOHH wish I had seen this before now...We could have collected and turned them into something :-)

I have a thing for picking up plastic on the beach

how did it go?

Heloise said...

Hi Keri & welcome :) Sorry I took so long to respond but I've been down with the flu. There were 2 clean-ups that I know of, one at Blouberg and one at Milnerton beach. Blouberg had a good turn out, it sounds like Milnerton did too.