Sunday, September 18, 2011

Making Photostats, Porcelain and Pasta Sing.

This was an experiment in working with porcelain and transfers for me. Oh my word!

 Birdy on a Bush Brooch
It was 70/30 total disaster or recognisable outcome - favouring the first until the very last firing.
The birdy is a transfer made by using a photostat, the flowers are pasta shapes and the sweat all mine.
But I think the final result is actually quite sweet.


Jesse said...

It's lovely! And I'm curious about the photocopy transfer method.

Heloise said...

Hi Jesse & thanks I'll get the detailed process from my ceramics teacher on thursday but it's essentially based on oil & water not mixing. I know the photostats have to be the very black kind not more grey tones and the process is not a perfectly accurate one. Watch this space for more.

tjou-tjou said...

eks mal oor dit! it IS perfect ;)