Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Can Too!

School projects certainly aren't what they used to be. They are waayy cooler!

This weekend my daughter had to build a robot, but dad was away - so mother & daughter set to work. (I feel hopelessly inadequate compared to "the man who can").

Plan A:
She originally wanted to build out of wood - but my carpentry skills are limited.

Plan B:
Check out the recycling bag.

This is what she came out with:
  • 2 x bottle tops
  • 2 x cooldrink cans
  • 2 x toothpaste boxes
  • 2 x cigarette boxes
Who knew my buying habits were symmetrical.
I found an old glue gun and rummaging in the left over paint box delivered some spray-paint.

Then I followed detailed instructions;
stick these together - here, no here; he must be red, but his shoes must be black; he needs an aerial...a smile...and oh a name...can you cut these out?

My only legacy - the fingers and the smile (a bit like in my daughter)


henriette said...

dis te koel komkommer vir woorde.

Heloise said...


Freshly Found said...

Go Mom! Delightful Robots!

Jesse said...

Wow! Very cool robot!

Heloise said...

Thanks ladies I live in anticipation of the day I'll be able to join your creative ranks! :)

kat said...

How great these are!

Heloise said...

thanks kat - I miss your posts.