Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pimp My Chair

Quite by chance while looking for the kind of chair I'd ideally like for the job (budget might dictate otherwise). I came across not only 'the chair' but this great d.i.y. tutorial post of how to achieve my aim. Two birds in one stone, thank you Poetic Home. I've decided this is what I'd like to do with my Shine Shine fabric that I bought and the Threadcount pop-up shop. (I'm always over ambitious but you have to admit it would make a seriously funky addition to my space and now I have instructions and a good visual example)

Inspired by the posts before & after shot I've taken the liberty of cutting & pasting the shine shine fabric on their beautiful shot for inspiration - being better at photoshop than at upholstering. (I sincerely hope I've not caused offense)

Saltriver second hand shops here I come!


henriette said...

sjoe, dit gaan fab lyk ;>

Kat said...

How are you? Things haven't quite calmed down my side. Although it's mainly the inner voice that needs calming.. might never happen.
I love the fabric designs by ShineShine. What a great use for your fabric!
Happy wk end.

Heloise said...

Thanks kat - the chair is proving elusive though