Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Paying my dues

I had loads of fun making and wrapping my PIF's.

I'm a total sucker for boxes, ribbons, lables, and paper so this gave me a long needed excuse to pig out at Merrypack.

Now I've finally managed to put them in the post. Barb, Denise and Kat keep an eye out! Please let me know when you receive them ~ I really hope the Post Office here sticks to it's side of the bargain and that they get to you in one piece!

Oh, and beware they're a tad over packaged...that's me panicking.


Freshly Found said...

Thanks SOOO much H! I am very excited. Thanks for making me an honourary recipient. I am VERY Honoured!

kat said...

This looks really exciting Helouise...thanks so much!

Freshly Found said...

They are here! I picked my parcel up from the post office this morning. Thank You! I am delighted. The wrapping was GREAT. Loved your attention to detail!
I hope to show you on my blog just how much I am enjoying them!

HB said...

Hi Denise
I'm so relieved that they got there in safely - and that you like them! Thank you so much for letting me know.

Heather Moore said...

ooh, Merripack. Love that place!