Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The good doctor & other interesting things

I live my country & country garden life vicariously through the Country Life magazine, they have some great plant features. Bush Medicine by Heather Dugmore and Julia Lloyd on Herbs being two of them. In the November issue Julia wrote a great article on the virtues of Yarrow as an anti-bug plant for the organic garden. (By now you all know that this is like gadgets to a man for me.)


"It has a strange pungent (love that word) smell
that many pests can't bear (love that even more),
but ladybugs and wasps love and that means an
end to aphids" and the crowd goes wild..
There was also an article on the marsh rose 'Rose from the dead.' A species of protea that has twice been declared extinct, and is only found in two small areas in the mountains above Betty's Bay and Hermanus. Just look at it! Oh my, the Cape Floral Kingdom is quite something.

'Marsh Rose'

I'm off to buy some Yarrow and the next issue.

P.S. The beautiful pics are also courtesy South African Country Life.

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Freshly Found said...

How heart warming to hear about the marsh rose! And good luck with the Yarrow. I think I should get some too. It sounds like the plant that no garden should be without!