Saturday, January 21, 2012

Lucky Packet Relish

Ala hubby: Finely chop spring onions/chives, chillies, cherry tomatoes, onions, garlic and olives and throw together with heaps of yummy olive oil. Season and drizzel over the closest thing on hand. YUM.

Start With What You've Got

It's a new year and it holds the promise of many new things. Not least in that it's not last year. So for me it's onwards and upwards and my garden (much to my surprise and delight) is full of lovely surprises.

The seeds we eventually got around to planting in a rather higeldy pigeldy fashion are coming up in a delicious  lucky packet kind of a way. One lovely sunshiny tomatoe hidden amonst other still unidentified veggie growth, spring onions or are they chives, carrots, chillies, onions!, spinach, rocket, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers - who knew! It's messy I'll give you, but marvelous.